Dating a weed smoker dating vintage ties

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Dating a weed smoker

like to smoke weed, says Molly Peckler, CEO of Highly Devoted, a cannabis-friendly coaching and matchmaking firm.

And among young adults, they are more likely to be employed (18%).

So if you know that smoking sativa strains make you very chatty and creative, but indica strains make you become part of your sofa, go for the one that you know will make you comfortable with another person.

And if it's your first time smoking, you might not want to do it on a first date, Peckler says.

If you like to smoke, just be honest about it with your potential partner, because there's nothing embarrassing about smoking weed, she says.

Once you get over the stigma, according to Peckler, weed could potentially bring you closer to your partner (particularly in the sex department) if you both enjoy it.

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"You're not paranoid; you're totally relaxed, present in the moment, and sensations are stronger — it turns me on," Peckler says about having high sex on that particular strain.

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