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In the second version this year ( released in February 2014, this feature is mentioned and can now be turned off.

Apparently, Messenger Plus is still being supported as noted above despite the fact that Yuna software's website gives the impression that this software is no longer under active development due to the following factors: As noted above, the forums are no longer accessible to the public.

would attempt to install spyware at runtime (post-installation), rather than the setup program itself that contained the installer for the threat detected.

The petition, which had 401,683 signatures and was 10,137 pages long in total, was sent to Redmond on September 20, 2005 stating that Messenger Plus! On September 23, 2005, just 3 days after the petition was mailed to Redmond from Canada, Microsoft released new definitions for Windows Defender that fixed the false threat detection affecting the Messenger Plus! (version 3.63, before it was renamed to Messenger Plus!

These controls affect Messenger's behaviour and appearance, often through additional dialog boxes.

That is when Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows Live Messenger and leave it to die without users. So, chat as much as you can until the next year and don’t worry, we will probably find some other workaround by then and write about it here. There are still problems with importing contacts from Windows Live Messenger to your Skype account, and many other annoying glitches and disadvantages.If you have received something like the following message when trying to sign in to WLM, then you have been forcefully made to update to using Skype: Whether your Windows Live Messenger has been removed due to upgrade to Skype, or you didn’t have MSN installed in the first place, but would like to do it now, here’s how to do it.which appears when users attempt to uninstall the sponsor program of Messenger Plus! Yuna Software currently uses more conventional methods. bundles an optional toolbar, custom search page and custom home page all branded as the Messenger Plus! Yuna Software also launched sites in 2010 affiliated with Messenger Plus! Notable features include: Skype has announced its intention to discontinue the desktop API which is used by Messenger Plus! Note that the date which this is to happen (originally in December 2013) is now unknown as Skype tries to come up with new methods to support a small subset of the Desktop API functionality.There is currently no information available on the Yuna website that mentions the plans to handle the Desktop API being discontinued by Skype at some point in the future.

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Are you one of those who can’t seem to get used to forced transition from Windows Live Messenger to Skype? Many people seem to be upset with being forced to use the new Skype chatting feature, and want to downgrade to Windows Live Messenger, instead.