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Rachels sex chat room

"I think I'm going to bed." Emily didn't look at Rachel or react. Rachel took the flower and stepped into her bedroom only a few feet away. Rachel set the flower on the dresser and sat on the edge of the bed. Rachel lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Who she was, everything she had made herself into, told her this was wrong. To Rachel it had been to fulfill a need for physical contact, something she hadn't thought Emily was doing as the two spooned in front of the TV. Her shoulder length brown hair swayed as she tried to shake the thoughts of Emily out. "I'm just not used to this." Emily took the opportunity to peel off her own shirt. "You have no idea how badly I want you." "I think I have an idea." Emily stepped forward moving her hand to the zipper of Rachel's pants. Her knuckles whitened as she balled her hands into fists. "I'm sorry, but I just don't think of you in that way. I'm sorry." Rachel's voice lacked the compassion she had meant. Her eyes ached, her body was tired, but she couldn't sleep. She remembered how they would occasionally sleep in the same bed. Emily's hand slid down Rachel's back to the waist of her pants, where Emily's hand slid below the fabric to touch the skin just above Rachel's butt. "I'm sorry," she said running her hand across her mouth.Arriving at the truck stop it was paked full with truckers and as i climbed the stairs into the cab wearing my VERY short skirt, no knickers, stocking and heels they all got a glimpse of my bare cunt which was quite obviously about to get fucked like an easy dogging slut!!Once inside his cab he led me down and licked my smooth shaven cunt until i bucked on his tongue and flooded his mouth with my cum for him to swallow.

West Michigan had been a conservative area since before she was born, and little had changed in the ideologies of its residents in her twenty-three years growing up and living there. Rachel could hear her own breath rattle loudly through her body. She paused for a moment, trying to gather strength. She was taken aback by the volume of her voice and jerked. I've never wanted anything more." She could feel she was getting excited again. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt in hand and pried it off, over her head. The smell of their juices began to drift up to their nostrils. She took Rachel by the hand, pulling her onto the bed with her.Feeling horny last night i ventured into the After Dark chat room where i started talking with a horny trucker who was parked up quite near to my house!He invited us to go play in his cab which of course we took him up on the offer!As I reached her door, I heard noises, I looked in throught the crack of the door, which she left open. I started fingering my pussy again this time nice and fast, imagining it was his cock inside of me! So let me know, and I will get into much more detail!I should be ashamed by watching my best friend FUCKING this guy, nahhhhhhhhhh fuck it, I LOVE TO WATCH!

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There was a long pause, the longest either of them had ever felt. For two hours she stared at the ceiling, the light on. She remembered all the nights she had laid on the couch with Emily watching TV. I've never been with a woman before." Rachel laughed nervously. Emily stood and placed her hands on Rachel's elbows. Rachel closed her eyes and parted her lips, pressing her tongue forward to Emily's lips. They stood, holding one another as they kissed tentatively.

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