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Meanwhile, 32 percent of Americans say the media are the biggest influence on their perception of Muslims.

Coverage of Muslim individuals has been a concern in academic inquiry as well, especially after 9/11.

(which occurs in the Islamic calendar’s ninth month), Muslims believe that Muhammad experienced a revelation from Allah while meditating in a nearby cave, where the Angel Gabriel appeared to him with a message of peace (Islam).

Arab Muslims make up only 15 percent of the world’s total Muslim population.Of the world’s 220 million Arabs, about 10 percent are non-Muslims.For instance, Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation, with 215 million Muslims in its population.Figures do not necessarily total 100 percent, since they exclude Christians and other minorities. Statistics on Lebanon are from Lebanon’s Political Mosaic.SOURCES: Statistics on Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait are taken from CIA World Factbook. Known for poetry by writers such as the 13th-century Persian writer Rumi, Sufism often involves worshipful dancing and music.

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The Sunnah, or the example of the life of Muhammad, is the core of Sunni teaching.