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If not, recruiting your own users is possible, but would require you to send your users a webcam or two and have them configure their systems in a specific way.In addition to being able to see a user’s mobile screen directly (via a webcam or screen sharing), another way to provide remote moderated usability testing is through the combination of mirroring and video conferencing.Most of the tools allow people to attend an e-meeting from a mobile device, but don’t allow the mobile participant to share their screen.Go To Meeting has added the capability of sharing mobile websites from an i Pad.

The first place I looked for a remote usability testing solution was in e-meeting tools, because we use e-meeting tools today to conduct remote usability testing for the desktop.

Go To Assist allows you to recruit your own users and have them share their screens by downloading an app.

Typically, Go To Assist is used for desktop support specialists to interact with a device for troubleshooting, but it has the unintended benefit of providing the capabity of moderated remote usability testing.

Mobile devices currently make up 20% of our online traffic.

That's one-fifth of our user base accessing content through a mobile device: we cannot ignore the mobile channel.

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