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Like Amanda Perez, she was a part of major pop culture for a time, and it just so happened to be a time where staying in the closet was much more accepted but no less fodder for speculation.Nonetheless both artists were able to be successful at points in their career without completely ignoring who they are, what they like and how they want to present themselves to their audience.Another masculine-style MC whose popularity in the music business came around the same time, Da Brat is also trying to make a return with her song “Is it Chu?” and she also is going to have a reality series made about her life from the producer of But while Da Brat sings songs about women giving her lap dances and cooking her dinner, hosts lesbian-only events and jokes that when she was in prison “every female wanted her,” she still won’t openly discuss her sexuality.She also rants on Instagram about guys that tell her she won’t be gay forever.(Check her Pussy Monster shirt in case you had any question.)It’s not clear if Amanda was asked to keep her sexuality out of the conversation while she was signed (she now releases music independently), but she’s clearly out now.Although today’s hip-hop and R&B community is arguably more accepting than it was 10 years ago, homophobia is still a huge part of it, with rhymes dogging fags and dykes still a part of tracks and “no homo” in daily use.

I am a full fledge woman and I like to dress however I feel comfortable.

So when I feel like getting glam-med up, and throwing on the Christian Louboutins, and the weave, or whatever I’m going to do to my hair, and push up my titties in a push-up bra, throw on my La Perla, then that’s what it is and I’m comfortable either way.

But when I’m performing or just, on the day to day, or in the streets, I’ll probably have my braids with my hat cocked to the back.

I doubt she’s still keeping that kind of dough in her bank account, but then I remembered… It’s good to be best friends with Mariah, a multi-platinum selling artist worth half a billion bucks.

Word is that the R&B queen is planning to help Da Brat out with her lawsuit situation by paying off the ENTIRE sum, which isn’t really a big deal to her seeing that she makes that amount in a day.

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In a recent interview, both rising stars Brooke Candy and Angel Haze said they think out artists can exist in hip-hop.“I think there’s room in hip-hop for tons of gay rappers,” Angel said.

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  1. 2) There is no way, I wouldnt ask that, if I wanted something serious from the girl. I recently paid attention to it, i didnt even know that the people who gave rep, appeared in my account!! If a women has been dating a black I wouldn't have anything to do with her.